Great Garbage Can News!

My Services

Weekly Service Plan:

Weekly Plan Includes:

  1. Regular garbage can-Herbie (up to 2)
  2. Recycling garbage can-Rosie (up to 2)
  3. Yard waste garbage can-Lenny (up to 2)
  4. Yard waste bags (up to 20) - ask me if you want to know how to get these for FREE : )

Vacation Service Plan:

Includes entire weekly plan plus:

  1. Daily pick up of newspaper, packages, and mail collection as well as confirmation text, email or phone call of tasks performed.
  2. Pet care packages available for additional charges.

Winter 2014 Special!

50% off to the first 10 customers of both my weekly and my vacation service plans! That makes it $2.50 per week for the weekly service and $5.00 per week for the vacation or out of town service plan.