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my Mission

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To help my neighbors have a carefree garbage day.  I want to service their garbage cans in a timely manner (and along the way be professional, too!).   I can take garbage cans in and out every week or while my neighbors are on vacation or out of town.

As long as I can remember I have liked garbage cans and garbage trucks. I really like to see the garbage trucks come every week and dump the cans! I realized that not everyone likes to take out garbage cans like I do.  On Christmas night 2013, I asked my Dad if I could help our neighbors take out their garbage cans.   I asked if I could make a flyer to let them all know that I was interested in being their "garbage can relief man".   My dad and my mom have helped with most of the typed part and this website!  

 I would love to be your neighborhood garbage can relief man ; )

Me and a favorite friend a couple of years ago at my 5yr old "Garbage" themed birthday party.